Audience Comments

“We just received the results from our event survey and Alan Bean was OVERWHELMINGLY the favorite keynote of our conference. Just wanted to thank Alan again for making the event a valuable, memorable experience for our attendees.”

“Loved the keynote with Alan Bean--very inspirational!”

“Alan Bean's keynote was life changing.”

“Alan Bean was an outstanding treat. I feel that having a keynote speaker who motivates you makes the conference a better and more productive experience.”

“I enjoyed the keynote with Alan Bean. He was able to give some great analogies and was a very interesting speaker.”

“Was great to hear from Alan Bean. Nice to have something inspirational after deep dive on security all week.”

“Captain Bean--excellent keynote, even though he is not in the security industry, his topics were very relevant and spot on with certain analogies. I was very impressed with Captain Bean.”

“Keynotes were hands down worth the entire trip. Especially the one provided by Alan Bean. He was amazing.”

“Alan Bean was the best keynote. His remarks will help me in my professional and private life.”

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