Commission Alan Bean for a Painting

Commissioning a painting is a pleasant experience all the way around, for you and for me.

My present pricing is $210 per square inch; thus, a 12" x 18" painting would be $45,360 (12" x 18" x $210). This is the minimum size I will accept as a commission.

If this makes sense to you, fill out the form below. I will send you additional details, and we will begin the process.

When your commission becomes the next one, I will call or email you and we will begin to talk specifics.

I will then, with your help, create a painting that both of us think is perfect for you. We will keep working together toward a painting we will both love.

This may seem complex but it seems to have worked to everyone's satisfaction the last 30 years.

If commissioning me does not fit your needs, keep an eye on the Available Paintings page on my Web site for one that might do so.

Thanks again for liking my art enough to consider commissioning me.

Alan Bean

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