Godspeed, Alan Bean
March 15, 1932 - May 26, 2018

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Louis A. Zona, Director and Chief Curator, The Butler Institute of American Art

As works of art, the paintings of Alan Bean might very well be seen as the contemporary counterpart of the 19th century landscapes of Bierstadt and Thomas Moran. Both of these actually were doing much more than documenting geography. They were, in fact, creating powerful and engaging works of art that are aesthetically splendid. Alan Bean's paintings, with their magical sense of light and wondrous ability to reveal subtleties, delight us on purely aesthetic levels, independent of their scientific message. Great art, after all, speaks in universals and moves well beyond message. Just as Michelangelo's works can be appreciated even by those who are not aware of their religious significance, the art of Alan Bean, I believe, will have a staying power by virtue of the skillful application of paint, outstanding composition and overall artistry. Generations to come may indeed place the name Alan Bean next to that of Bierstadt and Moran.

It would certainly be appropriate.

Neil Armstrong, Apollo Astronaut

Alan Bean and his astroartistry recreate the drama and excitement of man's exploration of the moon as only could be chronicled by one who has been there.

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo Astronaut

These paintings capture the spirit of our highest hopes and aspirations. As a nation we set our sights to accomplish a near-impossible goal of walking on the moon. Only one artist was present to witness and tell the story.

Tom Hanks, Actor and Academy Award Winner

What one must understand about Alan Bean is he is the only artist to have ever walked on the moon. No poet has ever been to the lunar surface, nor any journalist, architect nor songwriter. In the realm of the Arts, it has fallen upon Alan Bean to be the one moonwalker to turn hard data brought back from the moon into something other than numbered photographs. The images that Al has committed to canvas, then, are important, inspiring, and priceless works of art. Not only has he painted the moon, he's been there.

John Glenn, U.S. Senator and NASA Astronaut

He saw the same monochromatic world as the other astronauts, yet with an artist's eye he also saw intrinsic beauty in the rocks and boulders and their textures and shapes.

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