Astronaut Training

The crew of Apollo 12 during spacecraft checkout activity at North American Rockwell Space Division at Downey, California. Left to right, are Charles Conrad Jr., commander; Richard F. Gordon Jr., command module pilot; and Alan L. Bean, lunar module pilot.
NASA built this device to simulate the experience of walking in the one-sixth gravity of the moon, by lifting five sixths of the combined weight of the astronaut, suit and backpack. Alan refers to the experience as his first space-age wedgie.
Pete Conrad and Alan Bean perform a simulated moonwalk in a lunarlike environment. They trained in locations that geologists believed would duplicate the surface they would encounter on the moon, such as volcanic areas of Iceland and Hawaii.
One of the most important tasks of the second moonwalk of Apollo 12 involved a short hike to the unmanned Surveyor III nearby. Surveyor had landed on the moon's surface some 33 months earlier and several critical parts were to be collected and returned to Earth for evaluation.
General Motors treated the Apollo astronauts to two new cars of their choice every year. Most selected a corvette and a family car.

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