Growing up in Texas

The Arnold and Frances Bean Family, including Alan and his sister Paula.
Alan grew up and lived in Texas and attended R. L. Paschal High School
in Fort Worth, Texas.

His caring mother Frances had the most profound influence on Alan. She coached him through his daily chores, taught him how to iron and mend his clothes, and a hundred other things.

Alan majored in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Texas and competed in gymnastics and diving. It was here that Alan was introduced to the most just law of life:

“If a person will give their best efforts every day, planning and working towards their dreams, in a surprisingly short time they will notice that they have actually moved in the right direction and they will feel that they are not exactly the person they were at the outset but a different person, more like the one they need to be and want to be to accomplish their dreams.”

It is this law that has made all the difference and Alan continues to use it every single day.

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